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Slitting Tools For the Slitting and Rewinding Industries


Slitting tools are used in several sectors. These include the paper industry and the manufacturing of various plastic and other materials. Usually, a slitter has a blade that is beveled to maximize the cutting force. The cutting edge is then positioned within 0.002 mm. This allows for accurate slitting cuts.

Many providers offer slitting services. Some companies specialize in metal and fabric slitting and foam slitting. Other service providers include lamination, heat treating, and machining. Many slitting services are designed for simple parts or complex parts. Some of these services include rewinding and precision slitting.

A slitting machine can cut sheets of metal straight from a decoiler and cut other materials. These machines are typically designed for the slitting and rewinding of large rolls. They can also be used for sheet metal, aluminum composite panels, polycarbonate, and paper. In addition to the slitting capability, these machines can be used for laminating and scoring. If the slitter is equipped with a cross-cutting knife, it can cut both sheet metal and paper.

These machines’ slitting and rewinding capabilities are beneficial if the materials being processed are strain-sensitive. Slitting machine For example, they can be used to unwind large rolls of plastic films, as these materials are often fragile and must be manipulated. Moreover, these machines are usually used to maintain a good tension.

YIH TROUN manufactures various slitting equipment and inserts grades for variable machining scenarios. From groove machining to connection and arbor clamping systems, YIH TROUN’s extensive range of products can meet the needs of every customer. Additionally, they provide the most comprehensive selection of specification options worldwide. With over four thousand customers and continuous usage in forty-five countries, YIH TROUN is a leading provider of slitting and rewinding tools.

Metal Carbides Enterprises is a wholesaler and supplier of carbide-tipped tools. Their products include inserts, shims, and other carbide accessories. Their catalog includes carbide-tipped cutters, slitters, and shears.

Slitting and rewinding converting services are offered for parts with core sizes ranging from 0.062 to 60 inches. Services are also available for steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. ISO 9001:2008 certified, Lean Manufacturing-capable services are also available.

Slitting tools are essential for a wide range of industries. Plastics and other flexible packaging materials are commonly slitted and laminated. They are used in high-speed packaging machines, using large rolls of plastic film. Alternatively, they are used in the printing and manufacturing of custom gift-wrapping paper.

Other slitting services include fabric slitting and razor slitting. Fabric slitting can be used for banners, tenting, and other applications. It can also be used to cut pieces of cloth that are very thick, such as tarpaulins.

Some slitting services are also provided for the slitting of plastic films. Often, the film is chopped into smaller pieces so that the slitting machine can cut it into more compact pieces.